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About CuteOnly

Why so many men want to meet Russian girls? Well, because a good share of them are amazingly beautiful. They are cute, educated, with good manners and even like to cook.

So what about CuteOnly? There are thousands of cute girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former USSR countries who would love to meet a Western man. To meet you.

All CuteOnly girls are nice. We make careful selections and publish only one of every ten profiles. So, we don't have one girl receiving hundreds of letters while others get minimal attention. On CuteOnly, girls receive between 3-5 new introductory letters in a day and answer most of them.

CuteOnly service is provided by Cute Things Limited, an established company operated from our Moscow office.

Girls are real: we fight scam hard, blocking scammers each day.

"I would very much like to tell you that CuteOnly is really good. I used to try a lot of dating websites and want to confess that I am more, much more pleased with your service."
With thanks, Natalia

Guys Like CuteOnly

What could be better than a cute girl? Thousands of cute girls!

How come we have more girls than anywhere else? We get enormous traffic from Russian search engine called Yandex here at CuteOnly.

How to get most of it:

"The service is very good for people who are interested in to know other young people. I can recommend this website to my friends. I wish you all best in the future!"
Best regards, Matej

It's Cheap

Once again, many services charge their clients for every message or every girl contact. At CuteOnly, you can contact as many girls as you want. There are no limits!

"I have found enough women on your site that have contacted me... more than One man could possibly ever dream of!!! You have a first class dating site and I will forward this to all my friends. Thank you once again..."
Michael K.

Fighting Scam

The CuteOnly team is highly motivated to protect our users from scam attempts. Our verification procedure keeps scammers away and effectively protects our users. Here are some of the girls just blocked at the time this article was edited:

Scammers discovered and blocked by CuteOnly team

More on scam:

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Hundreds of cute girls!
What could be better than a cute girl? Thousands of cute girls!

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